Changing hosting providers

Literally minutes after I started splashing this newly launched freelance portfolio site all over my social media yesterday, my hosting provider went down. What luck, huh?

I should have anticipated it, though. Linode, my hosting provider, had been under attack for the past week or so (you can read all about it on their status page), and even when I'd been setting this site up, I'd experienced some intermittent outages.

So, I spent some time this morning migrating the site to a new hosting provider, DigitalOcean, and cancelled my service with Linode. I feel a little bad abandoning them after I've used their service for years (mainly just futzing around with side projects). After all, it's not their fault that some ne'er-do-wells have a vendetta against them and have been trying to bring their service down day after day. In the end, loyalty is great; however, if I'm going to rely on this site to help me reach potential clients and make a living, I can't pay them to host a site that no one can see.

So far I'm pretty impressed with DigitalOcean. The interface is clean and easy to understand, and they've got pretty good documentation. They even have a cheaper hosting option than what I was using at Linode that better serves my needs. All in all, I'd say this was a change for the better.

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